A Brief History of Lambretta: How the Iconic Scooter Was Born

Lambretta Founder

A Brief History of the Iconic Lambretta Scooter: The iconic Lambretta scooter was first introduced in 1947, when Italian industrialist Ferdinando Innocenti created the company that would produce the motor vehicle.

Ferdinando Innocenti was an Italian engineer, company owner, and manager who was born on October 1st, 1891 in Pescia and passed away on June 21st, 1966 in Varese. His engineering-related firm, Innocenti, produced passenger automobiles, scooters, and steel pipes among other things.

Ferdinando Innocenti

The original design of the scooter was based on a pre-existing model from a manufacturer called Piaggio. However, Innocenti wanted to create a more affordable and stylish alternative. To do this, he developed a special suspension system with independent front and rear wheels, as well as an innovative two stroke engine.

Lambretta 125 M (A MODEL)

Lambretta 125 M

Lambretta Factory Milan

Innocenti marketed his new product as "the people's scooter", and it soon became popular throughout Italy. By 1950, Lambrettas were being exported to countries around the world, becoming an international sensation. Soon factories were popping up all over Europe to meet the growing demand for these stylish and affordable vehicles. 

Ferdinando Innocenti

With its distinctive curves and bright colors, it wasn’t long before the Lambretta became one of the most recognizable symbols of Italy’s post-war economic boom. As other manufacturers began creating their own versions of the scooter, Lambretta continued to be seen as the definitive classic of its time. 

Today, vintage Lambrettas can still be found in many parts of Europe, with some enthusiasts even restoring them to their former glory. While no longer produced by Innocenti, it is clear that this iconic scooter will remain timelessly popular for many years to come

Lambretta Watches

Lambretta watches were born from Lambretta's iconic brand that started in 1947. From producing and selling scooters, the iconic brand expanded into various niches, such as Lambretta watches. Producing watches with the classic and elegant feel of retro brings the design of the many collections obtained by Lambretta watches. 

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