FAQ Watches

How do I get a new battery?

You can buy a battery for your specific model here. All our watches can also be taken to a local watch shop for battery replacement, or be sent directly to us for battery replacement. We will only charge you a reasonable service charge, and this service also includes a pressure test to ensure proper re-sealing and water resistance. For a quote on battery replacement please send us an email to service@lambrettawatches.com

How do I get a new spring bar?

Please visit our Spare parts section and locate which spring bar fits your model. We also sell a toolkit for easy do-it-yourself.

How do I change Leather strap on my watch?

You can easily change to a new Lambretta leather strap yourself. We also sell a toolkit for easy do-it-yourself adjustments on all your watches.

​How do I shorten my Bracelet watch?

We sell a toolkit for easy do-it-yourself adjustments of all our bracelet watches. Your nearest local watch shop will also help you with this for a small fee.

How do I adjust my Mesh Bracelet watch?

No need to see a local watch shop, you can easily make these adjustments yourself. Please use a paper clip or a similar object to pop open the clasp, adjust and then fix into place again. Please see instruction manuals for Cielo Mesh or Franco Mesh more detailed instructions.

How do I reset my Chronograph to zero position?

This procedure should be performed when the chronograph second hand does not return to zero position after the chronograph has been reset, and always after the battery has been replaced.
1. Pull the crown out to the 2nd position.
2. Press the top right button to set the chronograph second hand to the zero position. The chronograph hand can be advanced rapidly by continuously pressing the top right button.
3. Once the hand has been zeroed, return the crown to the normal position.
Please see instruction manuals for De Luxe Chrono, Imola, Mugello or Luigi Mid for more detailed instructions.

What does ATM mean?

ATM means Atmosphere and is an international reference of pressure and water resistance. Please visit our Watch guide and manuals section for more info.

My watch is less than two years old, and has developed damage through wear and tear, what can be done?

Lambretta Watches provides a 2 year warranty valid from the date of purchase with a free of charge repair service. This service is provided for items that were damaged through normal use and have been cared for as per warranty instructions. Please visit the Warranty and repairs section for the exact terms and conditions.