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Lambretta Watches are designed and developed in Sweden by Saro Island AB in Gothenburg.


We use high quality Japanese movements in all our watches – famous Citizen Miyota. Standard battery life is approximately 2-3 years.


All our products are made in materials that have passed the RoHS standard (Restriction of Hazardous substances) and have nor nickel or chromium substances in doses that would trigger any allergy. Most of our products are made in 316L or 304 stainless steel. Our fashion line watches, such as Cielo, Mia, Cesare and Franco, have an alloy case with an IP-plating (i.e. a safe coating) and a stainless steel case back.

Water resistance (ATM)

Most water resistant watches are not designed for prolonged and active use in water. The only watches designed to withstand these types of conditions are professional diver’s watches. Leather straps should always be kept out of contact with water. Our fashion line watches are not suitable for water activities. On the all the case backs of our Racing and Retro watch models you can see the ATM, see below guide:

The different levels of water resistance as expressed in meters above are only theoretical. They refer to the depth at which the watch will keep out water if both watch and the water are perfectly motionless. In real life, the movement of the wearer’s arm through the water dramatically adds the pressure on the watch. To be safe, the watch should be worn to the depths less than what is indicated by lab testing machines.

Original Leather Straps & Bracelets

For all Lambretta Watches models a variety of genuine leather straps and stainless steel bracelets are available for replacement, please visit our Straps & Bracelets section.

Instruction manuals

Below you can download instruction manuals (in pdf format) for different Lambretta Watches models:  

Avanti 46 ››
Brunori 50 ››
Cassola Chrono 40 ››
Cassola Lady 30 ››
Cesare 42 ››
Cielo 34 ››
Cielo Mesh 34 ››
Cielo 37 ››
Cielo Mesh 37 ››
De Luxe Chrono 46 ››
Enzo 38 ››
Franco 44 ››
Franco Mesh 44 ››
Imola 36 ››
Imola 44 ››
Imola 46 ››
Luigi 44 ››
Luigi Mid 38 ››
Luigi Racing 48 ››
Milio Mid 36 ››
Mugello 46 ››
Rebel 40 ››

If you have an older Lambretta Watches model that is not represented above or can’t find what you’re looking for, please send an email to service@lambrettawatches.com and our Customer services will assist you.