Timeless Desires for your Store

Since 1947 Lambretta has been keen on taking people wherever they needed to go. First in Italy, then the rest of the world. The Lambretta scooter was a reliable companion and made travelling fun and stylish when exploring a city or touring the countryside. We are proud of our great heritage, and want to share some Italian flair with a distinctive retro feel through our fashionable and affordable watch collections. Elegant and stunning, fun and chic, stylish and sporty – there’s a Lambretta timepiece for all occasions!

Space-efficient Display Concepts with great ROI

We provide a large variety of display options for all types of shop environments, choose the most suitable for your store layout, from small attractive counter displays for boutiques to large impactful hub units for high-traffic stores. Our extremely space-efficient display concepts are easily placed in many different shop locations, the unique Lambretta self-select displays have also proven to be very successful in multy-category stores, among for example fashion accessories and home interiors. Strong branding, affordable prices and free-access stock, perfect for triggering impulse buying behaviour in your store. Minimal investment with maximum ROI. Glam, fun and impossible to resist, Lambretta Watches will adorn the wrists of every customer in your store.

  • Award Winning

    Multiple awarded watches globally, designed and developed in Sweden

  • Strong Heritage

    World famous, iconic Italian retro brand since 1947

  • Global Presence

    Supplying more than 100 Airlines & Airport store locations worldwide

  • Worldwide Impact

    Extensive brand communication, visible for 1 billion people each year

  • Affordable Prices

    Encourages spontaneous and impulse shopping, starting at €69/$85

  • Free-access Displays

    Space-efficient and self-select display concepts, triggering impulse buying behaviour