Prices & Quantities

The net prices in this B2B Offer are excl. VAT and apply per piece when buying in sets of 100pcs. For a quotation on other quantities (min. 10pcs), please contact us.

Product Availability

At present all products in this B2B Offer are available for immediate delivery. In case a product would run out of stock, we will offer you an equivalent product at the same price.

Ordering & Payment Terms

Orders to be sent to 
Pre-payment for the first order via Bank Transfer/Credit Card/PayPal. After the first completed order you can apply for a 30 days open credit.


All orders supplied Ex Works from our warehouses in Sweden, the Netherlands or Hong Kong. Other Incoterms can be supplied at cost.

2-Year International Warranty

We provide a 2-year International warranty on all Lambretta Watches, valid from the date of the purchase. If a watch is faulty, not functioning or not assembled correctly, we will repair or replace it, at our option.

The warranty covers manufacturing defects such as faulty mechanisms, dials, and watch hands. Normal wear and tear is inevitable, the watch will only perform to the way in which it is treated. The warranty does not cover normal wear and tear or batteries, crystals, watch cases, straps and bracelets. You will void your warranty if you open your case back, always use a qualified watch repairer to change battery. Never pull out the crown or use the pusher when the watch is wet. High differences in temperature may cause condense inside the watch (e.g. from sunbathing to showering in cold water). Keep leather strap out of contact with water, if this occurs, leave the strap to dry properly.

We will pay for repair costs covered by the Lambretta Watches warranty during the 2 year period. In the event of malfunction not covered by the warranty, we will provide a price estimate before carrying out any necessary repairs.